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Kitchen Personality

A couple of weeks ago I received my long awaited, custom made, roman shades for our kitchen french doors. Cue the heavanly music… they are all that I dreamed of and more!  I’ve been holding off on posting more photos of my completed projects because I’m trying to find time to have my dear friend Michelle, who happens to be one awesome photographer, come by and take some good shots. My photography skills need some improvement so I really want to wait until our schedules sync. In the mean time though, it inspired me to think about the details that give kitchens personality. Beyond things like hardware, faucets and backsplashes, items that take advantage of beautiful fabric like roman shades and bar stools, along with light fixtures, and rugs are the tools that designers use to inject great style. Let’s take a look.

Below is a sneak peek at my new shades featuring Galbraith & Paul hand blocked fabric. I waited 12 weeks for these babies to be handmade and then another four for the shades to be constructed. Well worth the wait!IMG_4814

This kitchen design by Kelly Nutt Design features a fun graphic pattern on the roman shades. h6wVL2UNIGyF9PcBzXOiUvkg9icHplHqRzUrFCTaOCw,HWecxEy1QukohN085NaZyPmEG1GK7Ps0VwA6zjybN80A great chinoiserie fabric on the shades from this kitchen by Marianne Simon.

Design by Kasa Architecture, Susan Ingham, Architect

Design by Kasa Architecture, Susan Ingham, Architect

This kitchen by Brooke Wagner Design has it all going on with the beautiful indigo fabric on the barstools to the pendant lights to the exposed beams and planking on the ceiling. Marigold-9-e1438293056242

This is one of my absolute favorite kitchens by Rebeka Zaveloff. The antique rugs and brass fixtures add a lovely element of warmth and character to the room. Franklin-Kitchen-View-1

Another example of a great rug. This one adds a pop of colorful personality to an all-white kitchen. Styled by Rachel Parcell of Pink PeoniesCaitlin-Wilson-rug

This warm and neutral kitchen, another from Kelly Nutt, is given personality with many layers of neutral textures from the stunning gray cabinetry, the pendants and again another perfect use of exposed beams and custom woodwork. EAOD2145JLfmK3SnjLdXcU3W2qMGwqsSM-mFpeYQtKs,epp6VT3Ab2RuuEc99goNqQFRGcrWsG6w3lISWz5lSS0

And I can’t leave out this fantastic kitchen by Studio McGee. The navy cabinets, antique rug, basket pendants, brass hardware and leather bar stools give the kitchen a slightly masculine look that is absolute perfection. StudioMcGee_Lynwood_BeckyKimballPhoto_66


I hope you enjoy your weekend and the last few weeks of summer.

xo Kerry


I could move right in… Kelly Nutt Design

It’s always fun to stumble upon an unfamiliar designers’s website and swoon over the eye candy. My dear friend Erin will sometimes send me a blog post of something wonderful with the exclamation that says “I could move right in”! So in honor of that sentiment, I’m re-naming my designer spotlight series. Here below is a designer who inspired that thought…

Maybe it’s just a summer fling, but lately I’ve had a thing for Southern California designers. There lies a gold mine of beautiful interiors which feature a sophisticated coastal look that I love. Once designer that I discovered recetly is Kelly Nutt of Kelly Nutt Design in Newport Beach. Her designs feature light and airy color palettes, lots of natural texture and comfortably sophisticated furnishings.

This modern beach home welcomes you in with modern zinc glass doors which are featured throughout the home. The boxwoods are a great pop of green used to soften the harder modern edges. 77uX4QjbPwCY6PFb05IYT6RYXpbaQRm__mnk9JK2QVgIsC6DaPJANKd4IuLuxtzsMTvLSIcU1WGIz--p6ZgORs,Z4WDboj6pTJOXj-g57K9pkWNP7UUewOZGh3qIzN89UI

Who wouldn’t love to throw the doors wide open and hang out in this kitchen and outdoor living area? Notice the pass-through bar to the outside area. k-AhPmmYUsJ6ql6J66S1JJXIWtos9QzbZEmRMrbCUm4,hJr3fmDwZN-Y1hPzbKgniOpjytHNlsCLVft9KVkcwME


This is an absolutely gorgeous concrete trough sink. I love the details such as the the planking on the walls and the herringbone floors. hMMetc12LWsFAJmS8o0ZUA1X5eXYAD7JIH8b6l5JWsU3xtIJKBOOetsD97tNP5noAY51oprYV1V0LoOxzVhjxY,WwryoBOptZyMX2zEdQ7tHEEZVuPxzr7Kj7Ts2fg8bIU

A serene and inviting family room. We have this same coffee table – no wonder I love this room!2oAIUZK646pMJnFrK7CTuBBtUpBif_OUqtfhXo8kMcU

This kitchen, from a different home in her portfolio, stopped me dead in my tracks because not only is is gorgeous, but it features a very similar backsplash to mine. I love the light gray subway tiles. A classic look that will never go out of style. Tvu5JBkm3kPzMmsHLC3TA5VgBZm36NOo6dkiQKUfSec

If I had this view from my master bedroom, I’d never leave. Sigh… cD01fESDbtlUiTXx6dLMFjy_7OyD8e4MqlSGkRxVB3g,hlepHRKt8UZAqprydhflvGo4mM74Va5bSm1B7w40RyQ xfhea2G8GIhzJB2k-d43WB95PdRZ5eeQbFSQAtpzDggTo see more of Kelly’s designs, check out her portfolio here. Summer’s almost over. I hope you’re making the most of it!

xo Kerry

Designer Spotlight: Cecy J Interiors

Summer is officially here. Today was the last day of school for my girls. The last three weeks have been a sprint to the end of 1st and 6th grade with tons of end-of-the-year activities and last minute summer camp and vacation planning — which is a long winded way of saying these are my reasons for being an absent blogger. But alas I’m determined to get something up today and I’m inspired to highlight a local bay area designer named Cecily Mendell of Cecy J Interiors. Her work was recently featured on the cover of the spring edition of Trad Home Magazine (which by the way you should also check out) and is totally worth a look. Cecily and team create spaces that are sophisticated, but also warm, welcoming and family friendly at the same time. That’s a big plus in my book. I had a hard time choosing the photos to feature because frankly, there isn’t a room that I don’t like.

6-CecyJ-Interiiors-LosAlto-copy-1000x675I love the planked ceilings and floor-to-ceiling gray built-ins with brass accents in this room.

8-CecyJ-Interiros-LosAltos-copy-844x675The gorgeous grass cloth wallpaper compliments the art in this room, but the star of the show is the great mod light fixture.

9-CecyJ-Interiiors-Woodsid-copy-1000x675 10-CecyJ-Interiiors-Woodside-FamilyRoom-Detail-copy-1000x675This is a fabulous, light and airy family room — the built ins, the gray sectional, the coffee table and the pops of blue all work together seamlessly.

15-CecyJ-Interiros-LosAlto-copy-905x675This sweet bedroom caught my eye because I’m so in love with this “feather” wallpaper from Serena and Lily. Don’t be surprised if you see it show up someday in Casa Gillette.

5-CecyJ-Interiiors-Woodsid-copy-491x675 4-CecyJ-Interiors-SanDiego-copy-805x675The happy mix of patterns and colors add personality to an otherwise neutral room. Plus more beautiful built-ins.

3-CecyJ-Interiros-LosAltos-copy-540x675 2-CecyJ-Interiros-SanDiego-copy-512x675 2-CecyJ-Interiros-LosAltos-copy-844x675Gorgeous backsplash here.

1-Entry_Way-475x675 2-CecyJ-Interiiors-Woodsid-copy-1000x675

To see more of Cecily’s work, click here to see her portfolio.

Happy Wednesday. I hope you’re jumping into summer with both feet!

xo KG

Summer Lovin’ Beach Homes

Happy weekend. This being Memorial Day weekend and the un-offiical start of summer, I thought I’d write about summer homes.  Today I’m craving the east coast vibe. Think everything from luxurious coastal estates in the Hamptons to charming beach cottages in Nantucket and details like simple color palettes, white kitchens, cedar shakes, outdoor showers and of course ocean views. I’m a native California girl, who was lucky enough to be born and raised in a coastal beach town so growing up my family never took that quintessential summer beach house vacation. We didn’t need to with the beach just a few miles away, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to spend a few weeks every summer that way, when your only agenda is playing in the sand, relaxing, and soaking in the views. Here’s what I imagine that would be like, starting with some some inspiring first impressions:

102054994_w 102217758_w 54c06960145c3_-_marin-county-cottage-in-the-hills-0712-dempster08-xl


Who wouldn’t love to sit by one of these pools below, sipping on a cool cocktail.bridgehampton+10 pennoyer+15 wolf+hamptons+5

I’d love to be welcomed in by this bright and sunny entry.wolf+hamptons+2

Can you imagine waking to these stunning ocean views? Sigh…54c06962535f7_-_white-bedroom-juliet-balcony-0712-dempster21-xl0911-barn-beach-bedroom-l

This cute little pass-though bar would be perfect for entertaining.f27fdbfb6efca1336628bfe2f5959859

These two sunny breakfast nooks below include nautical touches without going overboard.orrick+17


I love this charming beach cottage kitchen with it’s painted white floor and blue vintage style Smeg fridge.wolf+hamptons+6

These blue bistro style bar stools are casual and lend to the coastal feel of of this classic and elegant white kitchen.


An ocean front porch swing? Yes please.1a8f1c5227f8a389945670115e0776ffOutdoor shower? Check. (Love the little carved whale door latch.)Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.16.52 AM

This charming back porch is a perfect spot to stash beach gear. wolf+hamptons+15

And speaking of beach gear, here are some fun accessory picks to get you in the summer spirit — all new stuff from Tom’s.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.04.24 AM


Tote  / Sunglasses / Necklace

I hope you can plan some beach time for your summer vacation.

xo KG


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