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We’ve moved!

Cottage Number 46 has moved… sort of.  Actually, we’ve re-branded and re-launched as Graham Hill Design – an interior design studio offering interior design and styling.  You’ll still be able to read blog posts full of inspiring decor and if you need a little design help in the new year check out our services page for more info. We offer both full-service and e-design to suit your needs and would love to help you!

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So sorry for the long pause!  I had to set aside blogging in October to focus on a few big projects.  Mainly, finishing up a client project, working on a re-design/re-brand of my website and design business and re-modeling my master bathroom.  Hate to leave you hanging, but that’s just a hint of some exciting things to come in the new year.  In the mean time, my favorite time of year is upon us. Sure, some folks like to go from Halloween straight to Christmas, but not this girl. I really love Thanksgiving. It’s all about family, friends, good food and of course giving thanks for all of the above. These are crazy times and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to gather my loved ones and celebrate what I have.

In reality, Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I’m expecting a house full of family. Did I mention I’m down a bathroom too? That means I’m going to minimize stress and keep the table setting pretty simple. You can still get a festive look without getting too complicated by using a few strategically placed bits of greenery and candles. I’ll leave you with a few lovely and inspiring images. d8e4d63a6e66ab9c245f2afd3a555851


Via 7b533d452973e84ab252afc5d3bc729f




Via screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-02-53-amVia

Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Kerry

Making an Entrance

Alight well, summer is officially coming to a close next week. I love the idea of fall with the leaves, pumpkins, sweater weather, college football and all that, but the reality is this also means the holidays are right around the corner. Gulp! Of course the holidays mean busy times and likely house guests so today I’m thinking of sprucing up our entry. Whether you have a grand entrance, a compact entrance, or something in-between this is your chance to make a good first impression — not just on your house guests, but also for yourself. During this hectic time of year, who doesn’t want to come home to a welcoming (and organized) entry.

There are many elements that combine to make an impactful entrance —  a beautiful door, statement lighting, mirrors, art, seating, rugs, moulding, etc. Here are a few of my favorite examples.

Let’s start with doors. Obviously this can be a costly update but, a beautiful front door can make a huge impact. If you can’t afford a brand new door, sometimes a coat of fresh paint will do the trick.



Who doesn’t love a good dutch door? This one is gorgeous with the brass hardware. 844559d3d721b13b1f0aaaf7a7a89b64


The contrast of the black and white in this entry is lovely. 26a0aa1cbb77d0e3dae25704f842c7d6


Bench seating works well as a place to sit and put on shoes. This simple lantern and the fun stripes on the rug are a nice compliment to the traditional tufted bench. 79e6099a8771329e6365615011893cb0




A table to drop your keys is a must for me. The combination of this stunning blue table, the brass mirror and vintage rug work beautifully with the classic white moulding.f37a0e99c3b238b89585c7e5924cb4ae


Here’s another entry where a vintage rug is highlighted against all-white mill work. Oh and those lights are great too. A grouping of three makes it extra special. 9573a31fe32a7ba66d32b074dfe42127


Wall paper can make an big impact in a small space. b9dd402ff4d021628175065fb63439fb


These hooks are on double duty adding functionality and personality. They work perfectly with that ship lap.



Mirrors are always a good idea in an entry because they can reflect light and serve as a place for one last check of the hair before you run out the door. This entry below ticks almost all the boxes – great rug, mirror, lighting, storage and an awesome dutch door.



Kelly Stevers from the blog Bungalow Blue Interiors recently added this crips white board and baton moulding in her entry. I love how she has a collection of cherished family photos and a giant round mirror as a first greeting. bungalow-blue


In place of a mirror, a large piece of art or a clever grouping of images can also make a big impact. This giant modern painting makes a statement in this grand foyer.





And so does this grid of simple modern black and white prints. 4ecec41bb65174b8f255e6aba7423dcd


Here’s a warm and welcoming entry from my Rincon 2 project. (More pics to come soon!) Here we have a number elements here as they have quite a large space — mirror, art, bench and a beautiful Danish Modern credenza as the focal point. kerry-gillette-interiors_rincon-2-entry

If you don’t have time to completely re-do your entry, some fresh flowers, new light or a fresh coat of paint my do the trick. I’m planning fresh paint, moulding and a new light fixture for mine. More on that soon too, I promise!

xo Kerry

The Coffee Station

I blinked and all of a sudden it was back to school time! That means getting back into the morning routine, getting up earlier and packing lunches. (Plus blogging more!) I could do none of this without my old friend coffee. Since the very first thing I do in the morning is stumble into the kitchen to make this magical liquid of life, I have a little tray next to the coffee maker with all essentials like beans, spoons, cups, filters and sugar. It seems I’m not the only one who enjoys the convenience of a coffee station. Here’s a look at some ideas for building your own.

658a88f8a23a9e0283c1226222909bce Heather-Bullard-Coffee-Station-201 image11 e59c38a7e0953865bc5c28deb0619418 7063359441943c94cc911a5dcb63d6bf 2f954257b8d182f914569460df412be3

If you don’t have dedicated counter top space, you can use a little rolling cart or a pretty side table, like these below. c5d09102e71eaa3cc3986ddd82742703 new-coffee-cart-6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c6d8200c970b-800wi_1 home-coffee-station-7 12471bfc62121435b969981bc95f9487 Images Via Pinterest

Here’s my coffee station. Just a simple tray from West Elm with all the essentials.IMG_0643

I’ve got some good designer inspiration posts coming your way very soon along with some project updates of my own. Until then…

xo Kerry

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